Glee Electric Shower

The brand new Glee electric shower from the taps and showers expert, Bristan. With a modern, minimalist design and a smart digital temperature display, Glee offers the perfect combination of style and practicality. A push on/off button and separate flow and temperature dials make it really easy to use, while its neat styling makes it nice and easy to clean. It also incorporates ‘phased shutdown’ which clears all of the hot water out of the shower when you turn it off so that the next person who uses it doesn’t get a blast of hot water when they first turn it on. This also helps prevent limescale build up.  Not only that, but its universal footprint means that it will cover the space left by your old shower and has five water and electric inlet points (most showers only have two) making it really easy to install.

  • On/Off Button
  • Single Mode Rub Clean Handset
  • Multiple Water/Electrical Cable Entry Points