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Granada II Single Ended Bath - 1500, 1600, 1700mm

The Granada II Single Ended Bath with Twin Grips is a good-sized bath with built-in assistance for children or individuals who may have some trouble entering or exiting a bath through lack of mobility, age etc. Two sturdy stainless steel grips on either side of the bath offer support and balance while the bath itself is roomy and offers a depth of 130-140 litres of water when full.

  • Multiple Sizes;
    • L1500 x 700mm - 130 Ltr.
    • L1675 x 700mm - 135 Ltr.
    • L1700 x 700mm - 140 Ltr.
    • Height: 510mm.
    • Depth: 700mm.
  • 0 Tap Holes.
  • Available in 5mm or 8mm High Quality Acrylic Material.
  • Front & End Panel Optional.
  • Waste & Tap Sold Separately.