Safeguard Thermostatic Shower

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Everyone can have the stylish easy to use product in their homes to use day after day. Triton have developed a leading care shower for extra assurance.

  • Thermostatic Control; Constantly regulated temperature gives the user more precise control and safer showering.
  • Adjustable Timed Shutdown; Set the shower to automatically shutdown after a pre-selected time.
  • Adjustable Maximum Temperature Stop; Reduces the risk of accidentally turning the temperature too high.
  • Large Push Button Start/Stop; To select your favorite shower setting every time.
  • Lever Temperature Control; For ease of use.
  • Phased Shutdown;  When the shower is turned off, the water continues to run for a few seconds to flush out preheated water before stopping completely
  • Low Pressure; indicator separates when the water pressure is insufficient
  • Provision for connection to a level access waste pump.
  • Extended 1m riser rail and extra long reinforced hose
  • Rub Clean Showerhead
  • 5 Spray patterns
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