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T80Z Thermostatic Fast Fit Ideal Family Shower

Part of the household favourite T80Z range, the T80Z Fast-Fit is the ultimate replacement shower. 3 Different Power Settings. Multiple cable and water entry points located to the left and right side of the unit ensure easy fitting.

  • Thermostatic Control - constantly regulated temperature gives the user more precise control and safer showering.
  • Swing-Fit; Terminal for left and right cabling.
  • Dual Water Inlet - to accommodate water connections from either the left or right side of the unit to aid installation.
  • Push Button Start/Stop - to select your favourite shower setting every time.
  • Dura-Flow - Reduces the build up to 80%. Ideal for use in hard water areas.
  • Low Pressure indicator - operates when the water pressure is insufficient.
  • Power On indicator commissions in 2 minutes
  • Rub Clean showerhead
  • 5 Spray Patterns